Travis Kelce Claims Taylor Swift Loved Jason Kelce Going Shirtless at Chiefs-Bills Game

Jason Kelce, the 36-year-old football maestro, is spilling the beans on his shirtless shenanigans!

Picture this: a wild celebration in the family’s VIP suite, featuring Jason, his bro Travis Kelce, and the one and only Taylor Swift at the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills showdown. It’s a spectacle hotter than a jalapeño at a salsa party.

So, there Jason was, roaring his support as the Chiefs trounced the Bills 27-24, inching closer to that golden Super Bowl ticket.

In the tell-all episode of the New Heights podcast, Travis spilled the suite secrets, and oh boy, they’re juicier than a watermelon on a summer day.

“Tay said she absolutely loved you,” Travis relayed the feedback from Taylor, employing his affectionate nickname for the pop sensation.

Now, let’s talk about Kylie, Jason’s better half. Apparently, she wasn’t exactly doing cartwheels over the impromptu strip show. Jason, ever the smooth operator, confessed to giving her “a heads-up” about his grand plan.

“I strolled into the suite like a shirtless superhero, announcing, ‘I’m shedding the jersey, and I’m taking the plunge.’ Kylie was like, ‘Jason, don’t you dare.’ But hey, I’m not seeking approval; I’m on a mission.”

According to the man of the hour, he had laid down the law the moment they stepped into the suite. “I told Kylie straight up, ‘I’m liberating the torso, and I’m airborne.’ She retorted with a ‘Jason, don’t you dare.’ But who needs permission when you’ve got swagger?”

And just to spice things up, Jason playfully reminded Kylie of their first encounter. “I said, ‘Kylie, the day we met, I was in a state of inebriation that could rival a skunk at a brewery. I even snoozed at a bar. This is just me, the Jason Kelce way. Gotta make a lasting impression, right? Set that bar low and proud.'”

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Cue Travis laughing hysterically, chiming in with, “[Your] best first impression is the worst impression ever.” Oh, Jason, you charming maverick, making waves and raising shirtless bars since forever!


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