King Charles Jokes About His ‘Sausage Fingers’ During Coronation Rehearsal

King Charles is officially the reigning king of comedy! In a side-splitting sneak peek from BBC’s latest royal exposé, the 75-year-old monarch decided to spice up his coronation rehearsal with a side of sausages – metaphorically speaking, of course.

Picture this: the regal Prince of Wales, a spry 41-year-old, lending a helping hand to King Charles as he struggled with a minuscule clasp on his majestic robe. In a moment that could rival any stand-up comedy routine, Prince William, with the wisdom of a seasoned comedian, quipped, “On the big day, that’s not making the cut,” referring to the clasp.

In a twist worthy of a royal punchline, King Charles, donning a mischievous grin that could light up Buckingham Palace, fired back, “No worries, my dear William! Your fingers are not of the sausage variety like mine.” Cue the royal finger jests!

For eons, the public has playfully pointed fingers – pun intended – at King Charles’ distinctive digits. But fear not, loyal subjects, for the monarch himself has decided to join the finger-flinging fiesta. It looks like King Charles is not just the ruler of England; he’s also the reigning king of self-deprecating humor! Bow down to the royal jester – his wit knows no bounds! 🤴🌭

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