BLACKPINK’s Joo, Lisa, and Rose Wish Bandmate Jennie a Happy 28th Birthday

Breaking news: The fierce and fabulous trio of BLACKPINK, aka Lisa, Rose, and Jisoo, just threw the sassiest birthday bash for their ride-or-die, Jennie, who officially hit level 28 today, on January 16.

Lisa, the queen of Instagram wit, shared an oh-so-adorable snap with the birthday girl, declaring, “Happy birthday to @jennierubyjane. I love you and me. Because, let’s face it, we’re basically the same fabulous person.”

Meanwhile, Rose took a stroll down memory lane, reminiscing about all the epic moments with Jennie. In a heart-melting note, the Pink Venom vocalist proclaimed, “Dear hottest girl in the universe, HAPPY JENDAWG DAY! HI! May your day be as fabulous as our wardrobe. Super thrilled to call you my unnie and to have survived a whole decade with you!”

Rose went on to pledge eternal fandom, saying, “Anything you want to do, count me in as your forever cheerleader. Whether it’s from across the room or across the globe, I’ve got your back. And here’s a cute pic of us just to prove it. Love uuu xxx happy birthday lovie!!! @jennierubyjane.”

And, of course, Jisoo took birthday wishes to a whole new level by incorporating a mobile charger into the mix. In her uniquely Korean style, she penned, “Happy Birthday My Jendeukie. Just like your name, Jendeukie, who sticks to me like a clingy friend, I hope you sparkle and conquer everything you dreamt of since we first met.”

Jisoo then took a hilarious turn, proclaiming, “Don’t forget, I’m your forever sidekick, ready to release albums, go on tours, and conquer the world side by side. I love you, and happy birthday! P.S. You’re my charger, haha, literally and metaphorically.”

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BLACKPINK sure knows how to turn a birthday into a legendary celebration!


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