Oprah Defends Drew Barrymore After Controversial Interview

Oprah Winfrey is the fierce defender of Drew Barrymore’s personal space bubble!

In a recent rendezvous on the 48-year-old actress’s show, the 69-year-old talk show maven found herself entangled in a web of physical closeness that sent social media into a tizzy. Viewers raised their eyebrows as Drew cozied up to Oprah, even resorting to some hand-holding shenanigans, prompting Oprah to spill the beans on her thoughts about the whole escapade.

In an exclusive TMZ tell-all (because where else would Oprah spill the tea?), Oprah nonchalantly declared, “Uncomfortable? Please! I’ve seen more uncomfortable situations in my sleep. Drew’s little antics were downright adorable.”

Oprah, with a twinkle in her eye, revealed, “Honestly, I felt like I was in a spa. The arm-stroking? Pure bliss. I was half-expecting her to offer me cucumber slices for my eyes. Drew’s just being Drew, and I’m here for it!”

Defying the skeptics, Oprah doubled down, stating, “I found the arm-stroking to be therapeutic. It’s like Drew has a secret career in relaxation therapy. Move over, spa music—Drew Barrymore’s got the magic touch!”

But not everyone was sold on the touchy-feely display. When Drew shared a snippet of the interview on Instagram, the comments section turned into a carnival of opinions. One concerned viewer quipped, “Why is she all touchy-feely? It’s like watching a rom-com with too much PDA. Uncomfortable much?”

Another candid critic urged, “Let’s establish a ‘No Touching Oprah’ rule. It’s like watching a game of Twister, but with personal boundaries. I need a safe word for Oprah!”

In the midst of the digital uproar, some valiant souls leaped to Drew’s defense. “I was there in the audience that day, and let me tell you, Drew’s vibes were as tender as a marshmallow. No weird vibes, just Oprah and Drew, vibing like it’s a cozy family reunion. Relax, internet!”

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Oprah’s spa day with Drew, the arm-stroking extravaganza, and the digital peanut gallery in full swing. Who knew a talk show interview could turn into a comedy of manners? Drew, keep those hands in check—unless, of course, you’ve got spa appointments for all your guests!


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