Nick Jonas Says Daughter Malti is ‘Mischievous’ Like Wife Priyanka Chopra

In an uproarious rendezvous with the Read the Room podcast, 31-year-old Nick Jonas spilled the beans on his 10-month-old daughter Malti, dubbing her the miniature version of his mischievously hilarious wife, Priyanka Chopra, who happens to be 41 but still rocks the mischievous charm.

Nick, with all the enthusiasm of a stand-up comedian, declared, “It’s like having a tiny Priyanka at home, but with even more mischief and fewer passport stamps!” He praised Malti’s sense of humor, emphasizing that in their household, walking into doors is a spectator sport, complete with laughter and love, not pointing fingers and judgment. “It’s not like, ‘Oops, you’re an idiot.’ It’s more like, ‘Congratulations, you played yourself, and we all saw it!’ It’s a whole vibe.”

The pop star turned dad-of-the-year continued, “I mean, we’re witnessing a comedic genius in the making. Her sense of humor is on point, and her mischievous attitude is like she’s training for a stand-up comedy special already. Move over Netflix, Malti’s coming through!”

Reflecting on his newfound fatherhood wisdom, Nick philosophically remarked, “Having a kid is like signing up for a surprise party every day, but you have no idea what the theme is, and there’s no cake. Well, maybe some mashed bananas.” He candidly admitted that being a dad has shattered his illusion of control. “I used to think life was like a well-rehearsed concert, but it turns out it’s more like a punk rock show with a toddler crowd-surfing on a diaper.”

Nick, the human baby seat, also divulged the physical toll of parenthood. “My wrist injury? Yeah, that’s my parenting badge of honor. I’ve perfected the art of being a human GPS for Malti. She points, I go. I’m not just her dad; I’m her personal chauffeur. Yesterday, I felt this twinge in my wrist, and I was like, ‘Oh, it’s the baby’s fault.’ Who knew tiny humans could be so demanding? I’m considering starting a support group for wrist-strained celebrity parents. We can call it ‘The Sprained Wrists Club.’ First rule: no handshakes, just fist bumps, because, you know, our wrists are delicate now.”

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Nick Jonas, the dad who’s traded the stage for a living room full of baby giggles and the occasional door collision. Move over, comedy specials; the real show is happening in the Jonas household.


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