Halle Bailey Slams Fans Pointing Out Her “Pregnancy Nose”

Halle Bailey is out here just trying to live her best life, but the rumor mill won’t leave her alone, especially the one suggesting she’s got a little DDG bun in the oven.

In a Snapstory that dropped hotter than a mixtape, the “Little Mermaid” star addressed the pregnancy speculation like a boss. Someone had the audacity to point out her “pregnancy nose,” and Halle wasn’t having any of it.

“If I have to hear one more comment about my nose, y’all are gonna see a side of me that even Ariel hasn’t seen,” she declared, and let’s be real, we all know how feisty Ariel can get.

“Why are y’all so concerned about my nose anyway? Do I owe you money? Did my nose steal your lunch money in high school? Leave my nose alone, okay?!”

Despite her nose-negotiations, Halle conveniently left the pregnancy tea on simmer. Fans were quick to pick up on her strategic silence, and the comments started flowing faster than Sebastian the crab playing the maracas.

“Girl, she’s avoiding the pregnancy topic like I avoid my gym membership. We see you, Halle!”

“Addressing the nose but not the pregnancy? We need Sherlock Holmes on this case!”

One fan even played pregnancy detective, saying, “It’s not just the nose; you got that ‘I’m-out-of-breath-but-I’m-not-gonna-admit-it’ voice, girl!”

The rumors of Halle’s impending stork delivery started back in August when she made a cameo in DDG’s livestream. Fans played detective once again in September at the MTV Video Music Awards, where Halle sported a flowy dress that screamed “bump disguise.”

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An eyewitness at the event spilled the tea, saying, “Halle was avoiding the cameras like I avoid Monday mornings. She was strategic with those hugs, too – like she was playing pregnancy chess.”

October rolled around, and the dynamic duo was spotted running errands in Santa Monica. Halle rocked a cozy sweatsuit, because, you know, nothing says “I’m not pregnant” like an oversized hoodie.

Then came the Glamour Women of the Year Awards in London, where Halle wore a dress so voluminous it could hide a basketball. Or, you know, a tiny human.

In case you missed it, Halle and DDG have been going strong since January 2022. According to Halle, he’s her “first deep, deep, real love.” And if that ain’t the cutest thing ever, I don’t know what is.

So, leave Halle and her nose alone, and maybe, just maybe, she’ll spill the pregnancy beans when she’s good and ready. Until then, let’s all take a page from Sebastian and just chill under the sea of speculation. 🧜‍♀️🍵


Halle Bailey says y’all better leave her alone after a fan said that she has “pregnancy nose.”

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