Meghan Markle Wants Nothing to Do With the Royal Family

Guess what? Meghan Markle is apparently living her best life away from the Royal Family, and she’s not just okay with it – she’s doing a happy dance in her tiara-free zone! According to the royal gossip grapevine, as spilled by author and Royals guru Omid Scobie, Meghan has declared independence from the Firm faster than you can say “corgi.”

In an interview that’s juicier than a royal jelly sandwich, Omid spilled the Earl Grey on Meghan’s royal exit strategy. As he spilled the tea about his book Endgame, he revealed that some of Meghan’s confidantes spilled the beans that she’s given the Royal Family the royal peace sign. “She’s moved on, darling!” they chirped, waving their imaginary tiaras.

Omid, our trusty royal informant, spilled more royal tea on how Meghan was like, “Bye, Felicia!” to the whole royal hullabaloo. “Early on in the process, Meghan’s inner circle spilled the Earl Grey and spilled it real good. They were like, ‘Meghan wants as much distance from this royal circus as possible,'” he dished, probably with a sassy hair flip.

But hold your cucumber sandwiches, because while Meghan is strutting away from Buckingham Palace like she’s on a royal catwalk, Prince Harry is apparently still tangled in the web of his battles with the press. Omid spilled more royal beans, saying, “Harry’s got some unfinished business with the tabloids. It’s like trying to fold a fitted sheet – tricky business.”

And here’s the kicker: even though Meghan is living her best non-royal life, Omid dropped the bomb that she and Harry are still pen pals with King Charles. They’re sliding into Charles’ DMs with baby photos, like, “Hey Charles, look at this adorable royal cuteness overload!” Talk about a royal postcard party!

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Meghan and Harry were reportedly snubbed from King Charles’ 75th birthday bash. Omid spilled the English breakfast tea on that, saying, “They didn’t get an invite, but they sent a carrier pigeon or something.” Classic Meghan move.

And if you were expecting the dynamic duo at the 2023 Trooping of the Colour, think again. They were a no-show, leaving poor Harry to attend his dad’s coronation and then ghost faster than Cinderella at midnight. Maybe he had a pumpkin carriage waiting – who knows?

Meghan’s living her best tiara-free life, Harry’s wrestling with the press, and King Charles is getting baby photos in the mail. It’s a royal soap opera, and we can’t wait for the next episode of “Keeping Up With the Windsors.” Grab your popcorn and your fanciest teacup, because this royal saga is far from over!

Meghan Markle Wants Nothing to Do With the Royal Family


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