Jessica Simpson and Her Daughter Maxwell Film Commercial For ‘Chicken of The Sea’

Get ready to embark on a hilarious trip down memory lane with Jessica Simpson, maestro of iconic moments! This time, she’s resurrecting the legendary Newlyweds tuna scene that left us all wondering if the sea had secretly transformed into a poultry paradise.

At the ripe age of 43, the sensational hitmaker and wordsmith extraordinaire teamed up with Chicken of the Sea to create a commercial that’s a nod to the glorious moment when she and ex-hubby Nick Lachey grappled with the mind-boggling concept of tuna being the “chicken of the sea” during their reality escapades.

Fast forward more than two decades, and Jessica, now a mom with her partner-in-crime daughter Maxwell, decided it was high time to sprinkle some laughter on that unforgettable tuna tale.

Picture this: Jessica, perched on the couch, casually munching on a pack of the sea’s finest tuna. Maxwell, the ever-curious accomplice, pops the million-dollar question, “What on earth are you eating, Mom?”

With a deadpan expression that could rival the best stand-up comedians, Jessica spills the tuna beans, “It’s called Chicken of the Sea, but hold your horses—it’s not really chicken. It’s tuna,” she declares, ensuring her daughter doesn’t fall into the same poultry-infused confusion trap.

Maxwell, bewildered, wonders aloud who on this planet would ever be perplexed by such culinary conundrums. Jessica, with a sly grin, fires back, “No one. Not your Mom.”

And just when you think the comedic genius has reached its peak, Jessica wraps it up with a solemn vow: “Yes, people. I know it’s tuna.” Cue laughter, applause, and a standing ovation for the queen of turning tuna into a side-splitting spectacle.

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In a world full of serious commercials, Jessica Simpson and her sidekick Maxwell have brought us a breath of fresh (or should we say, ocean-scented) air. So, the next time you’re snacking on some Chicken of the Sea, remember, it might not cluck, but it sure can crack you up!


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