Mandy Moore Gets a New Dog

Mandy Moore just leveled up in the parenting game, but hold your horses—it’s not what you think! The “This Is Us” superstar, who’s 39 but totally rocking it, decided to expand her family yet again. But this time, it’s not another tiny human joining the crew—it’s a furball on four legs!

Breaking the news in a way that would make the paparazzi jealous, Moore hopped on Instagram like it was her personal stage and declared, “Drumroll, please! Introducing the newest member of the Moore-Goldsmith gang—our very own canine cutie, Marshmallow!” Yep, you heard it right. Move over, Hollywood babies; Marshmallow’s stealing the spotlight!

Moore spilled the beans on her rescue mission, and it turns out her superhero wasn’t wearing a cape—it was her nanny, Celina! Picture this: Marshmallow, a street-savvy rover with a dash of mystery, found himself a VIP ticket to a lifetime of belly rubs and gourmet kibble at Casa de Moore.

Now, let’s talk stats. Marshmallow’s got street cred—about 6-7 months of it. He’s unchipped, unaltered (although he’s got a hot date with the vet next week), and he’s the unexpected MVP of the Moore family. According to the starlet, he’s got that “wow factor” that can’t be scripted.

In case you’re not caught up on the Moore family saga, there are two mini-humans in the mix—August, the 2-year-old legend, and Oscar, the 1-year-old prodigy. Three cats and a dog named Jackson round out the eclectic crew.

Now, brace yourselves for the plot twist. Marshmallow didn’t just waltz into the family album; he strutted in with the confidence of a Hollywood A-lister. Why? Because he’s the spitting image of Joni, Moore’s dearly departed dog from 2020. It’s like Joni sent a furry doppelgänger to keep the vibes alive.

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Adjustment period alert! The other pets are still trying to figure out if Marshmallow is the cool new kid on the block or just another wannabe. But fear not, because according to Moore, “Marshmallow is slowly winning them over.” Cue the applause and tail wags!

Hold up, though—guess who got to name the newest sensation? Drumroll again, because it was none other than little August! The chosen moniker? Marshmallow. Yep, we can’t make this stuff up.

Moore wrapped up the grand announcement with a shout-out to future adventures with Marshmallow. And, of course, she slid in a hashtag for good measure: #AdoptDontShop. Because, let’s face it, when life gives you the chance to rescue a furball that looks like a celebrity dog, you grab it with both paws. Here’s to the Moore-Goldsmith crew, where parenting is a mix of tiny humans, fur babies, and a whole lot of unexpected hilarity! 🐾✨


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