Lily Collins Begins Filming Season Four of ‘Emily in Paris’

The production wheels are officially turning for the fourth season of Emily in Paris! After a summer of strikes decided to play the villain and hit the pause button on our beloved Netflix show in 2023, Lily Collins stormed onto social media on Friday (January 19) with the juiciest update of the year.

Hold on to your berets, because on Instagram, Lily spilled the tea with a couple of pics that would make the Mona Lisa crack a smile. Behold, a selfie of Lily with a script for the first episode of the new season. It’s like she’s saying, “Bonjour, drama! We’ve missed you!”

Now, let’s talk fashion. In another photo, Lily flaunts a shirt that’s practically shouting, “I’m ready for my close-up, Eiffel Towers and all!” That’s right, the shirt was adorned with more Eiffel Towers than a Parisian postcard. It’s so on-brand that even the Mona Lisa would be jealous.

Hold your croissants, because this is not a drill. Lily’s selfie session with the script means she’s about to grace our screens again in no time. She took to the captions, declaring, “Did someone say Saison Quatre?! Finally reunited with my @emilyinparis fam back in Paris, and it feels so good. Although, I may need to brush up on my selfie skills for Emily’s sake.” Translation: Get ready for more quirky adventures, questionable selfies, and Eiffel Tower fashion statements coming your way!

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