Lil Nas X Has a Message For Those Criticizing His “Christian Era”

Lil Nas X is clapping back at all the haters with his latest spiritual bop, and he’s here to clear up the confusion about his wild music video for “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name).”

The 24-year-old “Industry Baby” sensation had people scratching their heads when he declared he was entering his “Christian era,” leaving everyone wondering if he was pulling our spiritual legs. He dropped a teaser for a new song that had him chatting with the big man upstairs, and oh boy, did it stir up some controversy.

Critics were quick to question if Lil Nas X was serious about his newfound faith or just playing the ultimate cosmic prank. Some even accused him of turning the divine into a punchline, suggesting he was out there mocking God and giving Jesus a run for his holy money.

Taking the stage on X (formerly known as Twitter), Lil Nas X didn’t hold back in responding to one critic who warned, “Y’all gone learn to stop playing with God… God is not to be played with.” The critic went on about devilish shoes and questionable shoe soles, clearly not impressed with Lil Nas X’s divine comedy.

Our boy wasn’t having any of it. “This really crazy cuz all I did was drop a tune about asking God for a sprinkle of hope when life feels like a cosmic joke,” he fired back. “Y’all acting like I posted a vid of me setting fire to a church and using a nativity scene as a urinal.”

But Lil Nas X wasn’t done roasting his critics. In a now-vanished post, he threw shade at how the world twisted the narrative of his “Call Me By Your Name” video. “I hate how the world successfully flipped the script on my video. Y’all upset ’cause I symbolically claimed the spot where you once banished the LGBTQ+ community, so now you’ve got everyone thinking I’m out here ‘mocking God.'”

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In case you forgot, in that controversial video, Lil Nas X gave Satan a lap dance after a one-way ticket to hell. Divine intervention or just another day at the office for our fearless genre-blending hero? You be the judge.

Lil Nas X Has a Message For Those Criticizing His “Christian Era”


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