SZA Wins Variety’s Hitmaker of the Year Award

Guess what went down at Variety’s Hitmakers event? The one and only SZA, the “Kill Bill” maestro, strutted in like a boss and snagged the Hitmaker of the Year award. At 34, she’s not just a singer; she’s a hitmaking phenomenon, and she’s here to spill the beans on the irony of it all.

In her acceptance speech, SZA dropped some truth bombs that would make even the most seasoned comedians jealous. Picture this: a hitmaker who once had to punch up for recognition. Yeah, you heard it right. The whole world used to be like, “Radio music? Nah. No hits here. No sound.” But hold your laughter because the irony is about to hit you harder than SZA’s beats.

With a smirk that could rival the Mona Lisa’s, SZA spilled the tea on what really makes a hitmaker. Brace yourself for the wisdom: it’s not just about catchy tunes and radio play; it’s about having the public buy into the divine vision your inner circle and God Almighty see in you. Who needs radio hits when you’ve got fans who vibed with you pre-fame?

SZA graciously thanked her ride-or-die fans who believed in her before she skyrocketed to number one glory. It’s like having your own personal cheer squad before the world catches on. And let’s not forget the exceptional inner circle – the unsung heroes who schooled her in patience and whispered, “Your time will come, darling.”

So, what’s the secret recipe for being a hitmaker? According to SZA, it’s a pinch of God’s blessing, a dash of inner circle magic, and a generous sprinkle of believing in yourself when the world doubts. Who knew being a hitmaker came with a side of irony and a whole lot of pre-number one banter? SZA did, and she’s serving up laughs with a side of gratitude. Now that’s what we call a hit!

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