Lil Nas X Teases New ‘Christian Era’ Song

Lil Nas X is fashionably late to the Christian Girl Autumn party.

The 24-year-old maestro behind “Industry Baby” shook up social media on Wednesday (November 29) with a sneak peek of his upcoming song. Brace yourselves because it’s a thematic U-turn from the guy who once gave Satan a lap dance. Yep, Lil Nas X has hit the dance floor of repentance, shimmying up the stripper pole straight into what he’s dubbing “his Christian era.”

In this unexpected twist, the rapper spills the holy tea on his newfound chapter, seamlessly blending it with reflections on his sexuality. But hold your church hats, because some fans are side-eyeing this as just another one of Lil Nas X’s legendary trolls – the man’s as famous for his jokes as he is for his beats.

“I call on angels / I’m trying hard to face my pain, yeah / give me hope when I feel / give me hope when I feel less,” Lil Nas X croons in his soul-searching anthem. And just for laughs, he struts around town in a tee that screams, “If God doesn’t exist, then who’s laughing at us.”

In a social media update, he clarifies, “Making Christian music does not mean I can’t suck d-ck no more.” Classic Lil Nas X, breaking stereotypes with a smile. “The two are not mutually exclusive. I am allowed to get on my knees for multiple reasons.” And with that, he turns the meme tables on Christians urging them to “forgive” him for his past exploits, dropping a gospel bomb that keeps fans guessing.

The internet is having a ball, dissecting Lil Nas X’s antics and grooving to his latest tune. Yet, in true X (formerly Twitter) fashion, the artist hints that he might just be playing a masterful game of cat and mouse with everyone once again. “Running out of money again, gonna start thinking of new controversies,” he teases, adding, “Not gonna lie, I wanted to reinvent myself for this next era, but sadly, I’m still gay.” Oh, Lil Nas X, the maestro of musical mischief strikes again.


yall mind if i enter my christian era?

♬ original sound – lil nas x

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