Sharon Osbourne Attempted Suicide After Finding Out About Ozzy’s Affair

Sharon Osbourne spilled the beans on the wild rollercoaster ride of her marriage, and let’s just say, it’s a soap opera with more twists than a pretzel factory. In a recent on-stage chat, the 71-year-old TV personality shockingly revealed that she once flirted with the idea of joining the ghost club after catching wind of hubby Ozzy Osbourne’s little rendezvous on the side.

You know it’s serious when even the groupies have names, addresses, and workplace badges. Sharon spilled the tea at a London theater, saying, “He always had his fan club, and I was cool with that. But when he starts memorizing their life stories, that’s when you know it’s not just a casual fling. So, I thought, why not turn my life into a real-life drama and popped who-knows-how-many pills.”

And cue the dramatic bedroom lockdown! “My kids are grown, they’re basically adults, so why not spice things up?” Sharon confessed. She took an overdose, barricaded herself in the bedroom, and, well, let’s just say the maid got an eyeful when she tried to waltz in for some routine cleaning.

Sharon and Ozzy, the rock ‘n’ roll Bonnie and Clyde, have spawned Aimee, Kelly, and Jack Osbourne. Despite Ozzy’s four-year extracurricular activity leading to a 2016 split (but no divorce papers filed), the couple pulled a plot twist that left everyone’s jaws on the floor. Ozzy checked into rehab for a sex addiction, and, lo and behold, they renewed their vows in 2017. Guess love does conquer all, even a case of rock ‘n’ roll infidelity.

In a candid Rolling Stone interview, Ozzy reflected on his wandering ways, realizing he’d been a “f**king idiot.” Classic Ozzy move. “I mean, I’m still nuts, but now I’ve got a grip on it, somewhat,” he admitted. And in a rare moment of introspection, he shared, “When I said, ‘Don’t get caught by your missus,’ I’m not exactly waving the flag of pride here. I messed up big time, upset the missus, the family, and caused more shock and shame than a reality TV scandal.”

Ozzy, ever the philosopher, mused on infidelity, calling it a “rock ‘n’ roll thing” where you roll with the punches. “I was a wild one, and I’m lucky Sharon didn’t trade me in for a less chaotic model.”

As for Sharon, the queen of forgiveness, she aired out the dirty laundry on The Talk, proclaiming, “I forgive.” But let’s not kid ourselves; trust is on backorder. With 36 years on the relationship odometer, including 34 years of marriage, Sharon couldn’t fathom life without Ozzy. “He thinks he owes everyone an apology, and honestly, he should, considering the emotional rollercoaster he’s put us through. The man’s embarrassed and ashamed, and frankly, he should be!”

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