Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian Address Generational Trauma With Kris Jenner on ‘The Kardashians’

The Kardashian circus is back in town, and this time, Kourtney Kardashian Barker is throwing shade at the family’s past like it’s confetti at a wild party.

In the latest episode of The Kardashians, Kourtney, the 44-year-old mastermind behind Poosh, decided to spill the tea on her momager Kris Jenner. She didn’t mince words; she straight-up called Kris a “massive control freak.” Grab the popcorn; it’s about to get juicy!

With her mom and sister Khloé Kardashian as the captive audience, Kourtney dug deep, asking Kris the burning question of the century: “What about you makes you have this need to be so controlling?” It’s like Dr. Phil meets a Kardashian family roast, and we are here for it.

Khloé, bless her heart, suggested that maybe Kourtney should just “accept” Kris for who she is. But Kourtney wasn’t having any of that. She dished out some sisterly advice, reminding Kris that she used to be a laid-back queen in her 20s. What happened, Kris? Oh right, you started leading the way, and now you’re the captain of the Kardashian ship.

Kourtney, dropping wisdom like confetti, told Kris that she could embrace her feminine energy. It’s all about self-care, not overthinking, and not overdoing it. Kris, take notes – it’s a vibe!

But hold up, therapy talk is on the menu, and Khloé is not having it. In a confessional, she jokingly thanks Kourtney for attempting to bring therapy into the mix, while simultaneously acknowledging that Kris is not on board. God bless this dysfunctional family!

Then, Kourtney drops a bombshell about generational trauma. She goes all science class on them, explaining how True Thompson had eggs in her body when she was inside Kris. It’s like a Kardashian biology lesson, and we’re all struggling to keep up.

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Khloé, in disbelief, asks if they’re basing medical advice off TikTok. Classic Khloé, always keeping it real.

But Kourtney is on a roll. She spills the beans about her own therapy journey, dropping nuggets of wisdom about childhood wounds, toxic relationships, and breaking generational patterns. It’s like Oprah’s Masterclass, but with more drama and designer outfits.

Khloé, in true Kardashian fashion, wonders why they can’t just say, “We all have problems, buckle up and let’s go!” Kourtney, ever the philosopher, explains that there are patterns to break if you don’t want to pass down issues to your offspring. Deep stuff, Kourt!

And just when you think it couldn’t get crazier, Khloé asks if choosing bad partners is a genetic thing. Kourtney, channeling her inner geneticist, blames it on generational trauma, pointing fingers at Grandma MJ. Watch out, Mendel, the Kardashians are rewriting the rules of genetics.

Kris, ever the voice of reason (or not), tries to redirect the conversation. But Kourtney is relentless, insisting that they’ve all tried to change their partners and failed miserably. It’s like a therapy session gone rogue, and we’re all just along for the ride.

In a confessional, Kourtney spills the beans about her mom’s attempts to dodge the heavy topics. But hey, it’s sinking in! Kris sends Kourtney a video afterward, acknowledging that there’s always that one daughter who does things her way and heals the family’s generational trauma. Bravo, Kourtney, bravo!

Another day in the Kardashian universe, where therapy sessions are as common as designer handbags, and generational trauma is the hottest topic on the dinner table. Stay tuned for the next episode, where the Kardashians tackle quantum physics while sipping on unicorn lattes. It’s a wild ride, and we’re here for every hilarious moment!

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