Oprah Opens Up About Working With Steven Spielberg After 40 Years

So, imagine this: Oprah Winfrey, the queen of talk shows and all things awesome, spills the beans about her wild ride working with the legendary Steven Spielberg on her very first movie.

Picture this scenario: Oprah, all starry-eyed and clueless about the movie magic, decided she absolutely had to be in “The Color Purple.” She probably thought, “Why not? It’s just a bunch of people pretending to be other people with a camera rolling, right?”

Well, it turns out, Spielberg had a different plan for Oprah’s grand debut in the film world. On The Drew Barrymore Show, Oprah hilariously recounted how she got the full Spielberg treatment on her first day of filming. Picture Spielberg, with his director’s hat on, screaming, “Cut! Cut! Cut! What on Earth are you doing?”

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In her defense, Oprah innocently replies, “Uh, just doing my lines, Steven.” Little did she know that looking into the camera was a major no-no. Spielberg, probably suppressing the urge to facepalm, goes, “What are you doing looking in the camera? No, no, no! Ms. Celie is over here!”

Cue Oprah’s adorable confusion, “I didn’t know! I had never been on a movie set before.” Classic Oprah, right?

But here’s the kicker – despite the initial camera chaos, Oprah rocked it as Sofia in “The Color Purple” and bagged an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. Take that, Spielberg!

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Fast forward to today, and guess what? Oprah and Spielberg are now like BFFs – not just co-producers but partners in crime for the musical adaptation of “The Color Purple.” The movie finally dropped on Christmas Day after 40 years of anticipation, and Oprah’s just standing there, marveling at the cosmic joke of it all.

In her chat with Drew Barrymore, Oprah’s all like, “Full circle, baby! Look at God, giving me a front-row seat to this cinematic rollercoaster. It’s just so darn incredible!”

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And that is how Oprah went from camera confusion to Oscar nods, all with a side of Spielberg sass and a sprinkle of divine irony. Hollywood, you never cease to amaze us!

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