Kesha Talks About Britney Spears During Concert

Kesha, the glittery comet of pop music, recently took a jaunty stroll down memory lane, and guess who she bumped into? None other than the legendary Britney Spears! Yep, the woman who brought us “Tik Tok” and had us all brushing our teeth with a bottle of Jack.

As Kesha dazzled the crowd on her “Only Love Tour,” she decided to spill the beans on some of her career’s juiciest nuggets. She declared, with more enthusiasm than a caffeinated squirrel, that she’s never felt freer in her entire life. Now, that’s a pretty bold statement coming from a gal who once claimed she brushed her teeth with whiskey, but we’re all ears.

And then, the moment of truth arrived. Kesha, with the theatrical flair of a seasoned stand-up comedian, revealed a secret that makes her chest puff up with pride. She hollered, “In the name of freedom, there’s something about my career that some of y’all may know, some of y’all may not… And it’s one of the proudest moments of my entire career is when I wrote a song, and freaking Britney Spears, the queen, recorded it.”

The song in question? It’s none other than “Till the World Ends,” which made us all dance like there’s no tomorrow. Britney included this gem on her album Femme Fatale. Kesha, not one to miss a party, hopped on a remix of the track alongside the Princess of Pop and the rap sensation Nicki Minaj. If this were a cake, it would be a wild mix of glitter, confetti, and pure pop magic.

To add even more sparkle to the glitter explosion, “Till the World Ends” has been a recurring star on Kesha’s setlist during her tour. It’s like an old friend who just won’t stop partying – and we’re totally here for it.

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But the fun didn’t stop there. Kesha, being the cosmic force of positive energy that she is, also dropped a reference to Britney’s legendary conservatorship. In her signature quirky style, she exclaimed, “I love that she’s so freaking free now too, oh my god!” We couldn’t agree more, Kesha. Free Britney, and may your career keep shining!


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