Taylor Swift Slams Bisexual Rumors

Taylor Swift is stepping into the rumor rodeo with her lasso of truth, addressing the long-standing “Gaylor” gossip that’s been swirling around her like a tornado in a trailer park. You see, her fans have been concocting more conspiracy theories about her love life than you can shake a glittery tambourine at.

Back in the day, the media had a field day slut-shaming Taylor for her various famous flings, and she got so fed up that she decided to put her love life on the shelf for a whopping two and a half years. During that hiatus, she formed what we all affectionately remember as the “girl squad,” but even that led to some eyebrow-raising moments.

While Taylor was taking her dating sabbatical, rumors started sprouting like wild mushrooms after a rainy day. Whispers spread that Taylor might be in a secret romance with her pals, Karlie Kloss and Dianna Agron. Some fans even claimed every song she wrote was like a romantic love letter to Karlie or Dianna. We’re just waiting for the song titles, “Karlie, You’re My Starlie” and “Dianna, I Wanna Be Your Banana,” to drop.

Taylor has decided to put these speculations to bed with a letter included in the 1989 (Taylor’s Version) prologue that came along with her latest album. In her own words, she spilled the tea on what was cooking in her cauldron of creativity back in 2012-2014.

Taylor wrote, “The voices that started to nag me for dating like a regular young woman? I needed to tell them to zip it. You see, during those years, I was in the crosshairs of a never-ending game of ‘Let’s Shame Taylor.’ The number of boyfriends I had became punchline material. My songwriting was dismissed as if I were some kind of boy-crazy psychopath. The media was all too happy to jump on that bandwagon. I had to make it stop because, ouch, it really hurt.”

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But Taylor’s story doesn’t stop there. She continued, “It dawned on me that there was no such thing as casual dating for me, not even having a platonic guy friend. If I was seen with a dude, it was like they were auditioning me for the next season of ‘The Bachelor.’ So, I called a time-out on dating, and I decided to focus on numero uno, yours truly. I thought, ‘If I hang out only with my fabulous female friends, the rumor mill can’t make a smoothie out of that, right?’ Little did I know that people can turn anything into a spectacle.”

As she wrapped up her rollercoaster tale, Taylor took a moment to thank her fans who didn’t get swept away by the wildest rumors and realized that maybe, just maybe, a girl who surrounds herself with gal pals in adulthood is just making up for a childhood that was a bit short on them. Bravo to all the Swifties who kept the faith and didn’t jump on the conspiracy bandwagon. Here’s to shaking off the haters and keeping those friendships alive, y’all! 🎉



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