Sharon Osbourne Slams Anna Wintour, Ellen DeGeneres and James Corden

Alright, buckle up for the juiciest gossip from the high seas of Celebrity Big Brother UK, where Sharon Osbourne lets loose like a cannonball of sass.

Picture this: Sharon, Louis Walsh, and Gary Goldsmith are having a chinwag. You know Gary, right? The uncle of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton? Yeah, him. So, they’re all there, and Sharon starts dishing out the tea faster than you can say “pass the biscuits.”

First up, James Corden. Sharon spills the beans on how he waltzed into L.A. like he owned the place, name-dropping faster than a rapper in a freestyle battle. “I complimented his shoes, and what does he do? Starts spouting off designer names like he’s reading credits at the end of a movie! Mate, I just said they looked nice, not that I needed a fashion history lesson!”

Louis, never one to miss a beat, jumps in with his own impression, “Kissing up to all the right people! Anna Wintour, mwah, mwah, mwah!” Cue the imaginary air kisses.

But wait, it gets better. Sharon’s got some choice words for the grande dame of fashion herself, Anna Wintour. “Anna’s got a soft spot for James, can’t get enough of him,” Sharon says, with a glint in her eye. “But me? I think she’s a C-word.” And no, she’s not talking about “couture.”

And just when you think the shade couldn’t get any thicker, Ellen DeGeneres strolls into the conversation like a cat on a hot tin roof. Sharon’s reaction? Cue the sound effects: *bleh, bleh, bleh*.

Sharon Osbourne, the queen of sass, holding court and serving up piping hot gossip faster than you can say “Hello, Hollywood!”

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