Marc Anthony And Wife Nadia Ferreira Reveal Their Son’s Name

Marc Anthony’s mini-me just turned one, and the cuteness levels are off the charts!

On Wednesday (June 12), the legendary 55-year-old Latin crooner’s other half, the stunning Nadia Ferreira, took to Instagram to drop a bombshell—an adorable photo of her and their birthday boy!

In a caption that could melt even the iciest of hearts, Nadia, who’s a sprightly 24, finally spilled the beans on their little one’s name!

“Today marks one year since you crashed into our lives, bringing a tornado of diapers and giggles, and teaching me the true meaning of love… being your mom, my tiny tornado,” Nadia gushed in both English and Spanish, because why not be bilingual when you’re this fabulous?

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And then, the moment we’ve all been waiting for—drum roll, please—she revealed they’ve named their little bundle of joy Marco! That’s right, folks, it’s Marco time!

“There’s no dictionary that can contain the infinite love I feel for you, nor the excitement of watching you grow and making me question my sanity every single day,” Nadia added, with more heart emojis than a tween’s text message. “Happy birthday to the greatest blessing of my life. My beloved Marco! 🩵💫”

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Little Marco is Marc’s seventh (yes, seventh) kiddo. He’s already got a whole soccer team with extras, including daughter Arianna, 30, and son Chase, 28, with ex-girlfriend Debbie Rosado; sons Cristian, 23, and Ryan, 20, with ex-wife Dayanara Torres; and the 16-year-old twin dynamo Emme and Max with the one and only Jennifer Lopez.

Marc and Nadia tied the knot in 2023, proving that love knows no age limits—or limits on how many adorable kids one can have! Cheers to Marco and the wild, wonderful world of parenting!

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