Why Lance Bass Has Canceled His Christmas Plans

Lance Bass and his family are about to sleigh the traditional Christmas game this year with a plot twist even Hallmark couldn’t script!

In an exclusive interview that probably involved a dance-off or two, the 44-year-old *NSYNC maestro spilled the cocoa beans on why he pulled the ultimate holiday heist by canceling the North Pole-sized plans for his festive fam.

With a twinkle in his eye, Lance confessed to People, “Guess what? Our holiday extravaganza got a plot twist of its own. We were all set for an East Coast Christmas extravaganza, but work decided to be the Grinch and stole our plans. So, we’re waving goodbye to snow and hello to sunshine in Los Angeles. Less stress, more palm trees – it’s like Santa on a beach vacation.”

But fear not, for this yuletide saga is far from a lump of coal. Lance, the maestro of merriment, spilled the hot cocoa on their new game plan with more enthusiasm than a kid on Christmas morning.

“We’re ditching the snow for some Southern California magic,” Lance gleefully declared. “Our 2-year-old twins, Alexander and Violet, are in for a treat – we’re turning Mickey Mouse into their honorary elf at Disneyland on Christmas Day! I used to swear by the ‘no Disney until they’re 3’ rule, but hey, desperate times call for magical measures!”

And as for the inevitable rollercoaster of emotions with toddlers in tow at the Happiest Place on Earth? Lance chuckled, “Buckle up for the wildest ride of the season! It’s like trying to wrangle sugar-fueled elves on roller skates. We’ll see if we make it out with our sanity intact – or at least with all Mickey Mouse ears still on our heads!”

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A Christmas tale of canceled plans turned California dreams, with Lance Bass as the maestro of merriment and Disneyland as the unexpected North Pole. Grab your popcorn – this holiday season just got a whole lot funnier!


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