David Duchovny Reveals Why He Stays Away From “Electric Light”

Meet David Duchovny, the man who’s decided to give a big fat “no” to electric light. Yes, you heard it right, the “X-Files” star has declared war on artificial lighting, claiming it messes with “our sense of mind and body.” So, what’s his master plan? Brace yourself for the hilarious routine that keeps him away from light switches.

Picture this: David rises with the sun, and I mean at the crack of dawn. He’s up so early that even the early birds are hitting the snooze button. Why? Because he believes we were all meant to be cave-dwellers, hiding from predators at night and rising with the sun. Move over, Edison; Duchovny’s got a bone to pick with your light bulbs.

In his own words to The Sunday Times, David spills the beans on his early bird escapades, saying, “I like to get up so early, I go to bed early also.” Electric light be damned! This man is on a mission to keep it old-school, caveman style.

But why, you ask? According to David, electric light has messed with our minds and bodies. He’s just doing what our ancient ancestors did, and who are we to argue with that logic? Constitutional caveman vibes, anyone?

David’s morning routine isn’t just about avoiding light switches; it’s a productivity masterclass. He claims that the crack of dawn is when his brain decides to put on its thinking cap. “I love the sunrise but it also means I can get some work done before the sun gets too much,” he confesses. We can almost hear his coffee whispering, “You’re a genius” as he sips it.

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And let’s not forget David’s secret weapon to staying fit – a mishmash of Pilates, yoga, and weight-training. But not heavy weights, because, you know, he’s not trying to become the Hulk. According to him, it’s all about playing games – boxing, tennis – anything that involves a racquet and not hurting himself for a month. Because what’s the point of staying fit if you can’t casually pick up a tennis racquet and slay?

David Duchovny, the early-rising, light-avoiding, coffee-fueled, racquet-wielding caveman. Move over, evolution; Duchovny’s rewriting the script, and it’s a comedy masterpiece.


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