Kate Middleton Spotted With Prince William Buying Chocolate In Norfolk

It looks like we have another episode of “Where in the World is Princess Kate?” this week. The Princess of Wales has been spotted more times than Bigfoot lately – February, March, and now May! And guess what? No photos, no videos, nada. Seriously, are we supposed to believe she’s just strolling around without a single paparazzo in sight? Seems legit.

Anyway, the latest sighting has our royal couple, Prince William and Kate, popping up in Holt, Norfolk. The royal kiddos are on a school break, so the whole gang’s been hanging out in Norfolk. And get this, William and Kate decided to venture into town to grab some chocolates – as you do when you’re royalty and have a sweet tooth.

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So, here’s the scoop: the dynamic duo was seen shopping at the Bakers & Larners food hall in Holt on Tuesday. This place is fancy with a capital “F”, boasting high-end goodies and a luxurious chocolate counter. One lucky eyewitness said it was “nice to see the couple shopping together” and noted that William snagged some chocolates. Because, you know, even princes need their cocoa fix.

A spokeswoman from Bakers & Larners couldn’t contain her excitement, gushing, “We are always honoured to be visited by the Royal Family and Tuesday was no different. We look forward to seeing Their Royal Highnesses in Holt again soon.” Aww, bless their hearts.

Now, remember the last time we had a flurry of reports about Kate’s Houdini act? No one bought it until TMZ and The Sun dropped that hilarious video of “Kate” speed-walking out of the Windsor Farm Store like she was late for a tea party. I mean, come on, the skepticism was real. Maybe if we keep doubting these sightings, they’ll throw us another cheesy video. A janky royal sighting video is better than no video, right? Give us something to chew on, guys!

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In the meantime, these sudden Kate sightings have sparked the age-old debate: will she or won’t she show up at Trooping the Colour or any public event? Back in March, there was a whole drama fest with the Ministry of Defense announcing Kate would attend the Colonel’s Review, only for Kensington Palace to throw a royal tantrum and make them delete any mention of Kate. Ah, palace politics at its finest.

Fast forward to this week, and the MoD has officially said, “Nope, Kate’s not coming to the Colonel’s Review on June 8th.” But hold your horses, because the palace still hasn’t confirmed whether she’ll be at Trooping the Colour. It’s like the world’s fanciest game of will-she-won’t-she.

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So, stay tuned. Will Princess Kate make another mysterious appearance? Will we get another low-budget video of her darting through a store? Only time will tell. Grab your popcorn, this royal soap opera isn’t over yet!

Kate Middleton Spotted With Prince William Buying Chocolate In Norfolk

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