Sofia Vergara and Karol G Light Up the Red Carpet at ‘Griselda’ Premiere

Our favorite Colombian powerhouse, Sofia Vergara, is strutting her stuff in Miami to give us a dose of Netflix magic. She’s not just dominating your TV screens, she’s taking over your streaming queue too!

Sofia, the timeless beauty who’s basically a walking fountain of youth at 51, dazzled alongside her co-star Karol G at the Griselda premiere. And where else would this spectacular event take place? None other than The Fillmore Miami Beach – because when Sofia Vergara graces a place, it instantly becomes the hottest spot in town.

The star-studded event was like a gathering of the coolest cartel members (minus the actual illegal activities, of course). Paulina Davila, Gabriel Sloyer, Diego Trujillo, Alberto Guerra, and Maximiliano Hernandez joined the fiesta, turning the red carpet into a runway for the who’s who of Griselda.

Now, let’s talk about the show itself. Griselda, inspired by the life of the savvy Colombian boss lady Griselda Blanco, promises to be a rollercoaster ride of ambition, charm, and, dare we say, unexpected savagery. Move over, Walter White; there’s a new “Godmother” in town, and she’s ready to show you how to run a cartel like a boss.

Picture this: a devoted mother with a killer combination of charm and savagery, maneuvering seamlessly between family dinners and boardroom meetings. Griselda Blanco is not your average PTA mom – she’s the queenpin of the most profitable cartels in history. Who said you can’t balance playdates and power moves?

So, mark your calendars, cancel your plans, and prepare for a binge-watch session that will leave you questioning your own life choices. Griselda will be hitting your Netflix screens on Friday, Jan. 25. Get ready for a wild ride of drama, power struggles, and a lesson or two on how to juggle motherhood and world domination. Sofia Vergara, take us to cartel school – we’re ready for the masterclass!

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Sofia Vergara and Karol G Light Up the Red Carpet at ‘Griselda’ Premiere


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