Jennifer Aniston Texted Matthew Perry Right Before He Died

Jennifer Aniston just spilled the beans on the most epic morning text exchange with Matthew Perry. And no, it’s not about the latest hot tub trends – unless you count “drowning” as the newest aquatic craze.

In a tell-all with Variety, Jennifer couldn’t help but reveal the shocking details of her chat with our beloved Chandler Bing. You know, the guy who reportedly met his watery demise in his hot tub. Splash, splash, Chandler – not the kind of tub exit we expected.

Picture this: Jennifer, sipping her morning coffee, casually texting with Matthew about who knows what. Maybe the best way to organize Monica’s closet or the secret behind Joey’s luscious locks – the usual stuff. Little did she know, she was having the most epic conversation with a guy who was apparently one splash away from becoming a water feature in his own backyard.

“He was happy. He was healthy. He had quit smoking. He was getting in shape. He was happy —that’s all I know. I was literally texting with him that morning, funny Matty. He was not in pain. He wasn’t struggling. He was happy,” Jennifer revealed, making us wonder if Matthew’s hot tub had a magic happiness bubble that we all need ASAP.

Hold on, though. Before you start picturing Chandler texting back with a snorkel in hand, Jennifer wants you to know – this was no waterlogged tragedy. This was a guy on a mission, a pursuit of health and fitness that would make even Ross proud. Move over, “pivot,” it’s time for “pilates.”

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“I want people to know he was really healthy, and getting healthy. He was on a pursuit. He worked so hard. He really was dealt a tough one. I miss him dearly. We all do. Boy, he made us laugh really hard,” Jennifer continued, making us wish we had joined his hot tub wellness program.

Matthew Perry, the health guru who turned his hot tub into a laughter-filled paradise. Who needs a spa day when you can have a Chandler day? Rest in peace, funny Matty – you’ve left us with a splash of laughter and a lifetime supply of hot tub cautionary tales.

Jennifer Aniston Texted Matthew Perry Right Before He Died


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