Sabrina Carpenter Refuses to Listen to a Fan Singing Her Song

Sabrina Carpenter just pulled out the “Nope, not today!” card when a persistent fan tried to serenade her at the Jingle Ball in New York City. The brave soul attempting this musical ambush was none other than Harry Daniels, a TikTok sensation known for hilariously belting out singers’ own tunes to their faces.

Draped in her chic, all-white ensemble, the 24-year-old “Nonsense” crooner strolled by as Harry seized the moment, pleading, “Sabrina, can I sing for you?” But Sabrina wasn’t about to let history repeat itself. With a playful eye roll, she quipped, “Girl, no, we’ve been here before. But I do love you!”

Undeterred by the gentle rebuff, Harry launched into Sabrina’s hit “Skin” anyway. As she gracefully made her exit, he serenaded, “You can try to get under my under my…”—and that’s where Sabrina drew the line.

In other news, Sabrina was recently spotted on a dinner date with Barry Keoghan, proving that she might be more interested in sharing a meal than enduring surprise musical renditions. Watch out, serenading TikTokers, Sabrina’s got her boundaries set, and they’re as firm as her stylish fashion choices!

@harry.daniels no like the fact yall ran my vids up so much that fanmade/obb saw it and invited me backstage to do my thing😭😭😭 i owe yall everything #andycohen #melaniemartinez #cher #sabrinacarpenter #oliviarodrigo #jaredleto #marthastewart #wildnout #doechii ♬ original sound – harry daniels

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