Louis Partridge Spotted Cheering on Olivia Rodrigo at Z100’s Jingle Ball

Louis Partridge, the charming 20-year-old Enola Holmes sensation, is not just a heartthrob on screen; he’s also a certified groupie for Olivia Rodrigo! Picture this: Louis belting out Olivia’s tunes like a rockstar at Z100’s Jingle Ball in the Big Apple on December 8. Move over shower singing, we’ve got Louis Partridge bringing the house down with his serenade skills.

Now, let’s rewind a bit to October, where the rumor mill started churning out gossip smoother than a butter churn. Louis and Olivia were spotted hanging out in London, and suddenly everyone’s Sherlock Holmes-level detective skills kicked in, connecting the dots faster than you can say Enola.

Fast forward to the Jingle Ball extravaganza, where Louis wasn’t alone in his fandom. He had his own squad of cool kids, including BFFs Conan Gray and Madison Hu, forming a pop culture Avengers of sorts. Imagine the scene: Louis, Conan, and Madison, the ultimate cheer squad, hyping up Olivia like she’s about to win a musical Olympics gold medal.

Fans played director for a day, capturing Louis on camera as he filmed Olivia’s performance. It’s like Inception, but with more singing and fewer mind-bending dreams. And, hold your breath, there’s actual footage of Louis passionately singing along to Olivia’s hit, “All-American B-tch.” Move over, car karaoke; we’ve got concert-level enthusiasm right here.

In the saga of Louis and Olivia’s “are they or aren’t they” romance, we find them arriving at a party arm in arm. Social media practically exploded with the snapshots of this dynamic duo making a grand entrance, arms entwined like they’re practicing for a synchronized dance routine.

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Now, here’s the twist – could Olivia’s next album be the ultimate playlist for budding romances? Will we be hearing Louis-inspired love ballads on the Grammy stage? Stay tuned, because in this musical rom-com, Louis Partridge might just be the leading man we didn’t know we needed. Move over, Cupid; there’s a new matchmaker in town, and he comes with an Enola-sized charm!

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