Ashley Graham Claims Designers Aren’t Interested in Designing for “Bigger” Bodies

In a recent revelation that left the fashion world scratching its head, Ashley Graham spilled the tea on the ongoing battle with designers who seem to believe that stitching for bigger bodies is as challenging as climbing Mount Everest in stilettos.

During an exclusive chit-chat with PEOPLE at Good American’s open casting call event in Los Angeles, the 36-year-old model couldn’t help but spill the beans on the fashion industry’s resistance to embracing all body sizes. “There are still some designers out there who think stitching for a bigger body is like trying to sew a spaceship,” Graham chuckled.

Clearly on a mission to break down size barriers, Graham declared, “Things have changed immensely in some ways, and in others, they’ve hit a brick wall. But I’m not giving up on dressing people with more fabulous curves because apparently, that’s still considered a rebellious act.”

Unveiling the hidden struggles, Graham admitted that even new fashion brands willing to dive into the plus-size pool were hesitant because apparently, more fabric equals more cha-ching. “Apparently, extra fabric is like gold in the fashion world,” she giggled. “I’m practically funding a fabric revolution here.”

Ever the benevolent fashionista, Graham confessed to foot the bill for the extra fabric, ensuring that struggling designers get a shot at making her look runway-ready. “It’s not a negative thing; it’s more like my personal contribution to the ‘Fund-a-Fashion-Revolution’ foundation,” she quipped.

However, the road to size-inclusive fashion isn’t all glitter and glam. Graham pointed out, “We’ve come a long way, but if you take a gander at the runways, it’s like time travel—they’re stuck in the past. Some designers are breaking free, but it’s about as common as finding a unicorn at a coffee shop.”

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Diving deep into the fashion psyche, Graham questioned, “Is it fatphobia? Are they terrified of looking like they’ve sold out to commercialism? Or is it just that they flunked the ‘Understanding True Grading on Different Body Types’ course?” She pondered, “Maybe it’s a mix of all that, or maybe they’re just afraid of spilling the tea on cellulite. Who knows?”

Graham left us with her signature blend of humor and wisdom, “Fashion, it’s like a rollercoaster. One minute you’re soaring, and the next, you’re stuck in a loop-de-loop of outdated norms. But hey, I’m not throwing in the towel. The revolution will be stitched, hemmed, and bedazzled!”

Ashley Graham Claims Designers Aren’t Interested in Designing for “Bigger” Bodies


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