Francia Raisa Talks About Selena Gomez’s Boyfriend Benny Blanco and Taylor Swift

Step right up for the latest gossip extravaganza featuring none other than Francia Raisa spilling the beans on the enigmatic Benny Blanco!

Picture this: Francia, 35-year-old actress and confidante of the pop sensation Selena Gomez, spills the proverbial tea on her gal pal’s love life. Selena, bless her heart, has been cozying up to the 35-year-old maestro of music, Benny Blanco, for a hot minute now. And Francia, being the good friend that she is, just couldn’t resist dishing out her two cents on this musical ménage à trois.

In a moment of pure candor at the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women Red Dress Collection Concert 2024 in the bustling streets of New York City, Francia couldn’t contain her excitement about Benny.

“Oh, my dear deity above — it’s about darn time. I simply adore Benny. He’s like a breath of fresh air, but with a hint of funky tunes. You know what sealed the deal for me? The man showed up wearing a Dora the Explorer jacket! Can you believe it? I turned to him and said, ‘Benny, darling, we stan you. Donde esta mi mapa?’” she exclaimed to the folks over at Extra.

Francia didn’t stop there. Oh no, she had to spill some tea on Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, too.

“Taylor, bless her soul, has been in my orbit for eons. I practically remember when she was just a tiny country bumpkin strumming her guitar. Now look at her, ruling the charts and whatnot. I’m genuinely, like, over the moon for her,” Francia declared, spreading the love like confetti at a carnival.

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