Tom Sandoval is Dating a Model Once Linked to Leonardo DiCaprio

Guess what? The scandalous saga of Tom Sandoval’s love life continues! The man himself, Tom “Scandoval” Sandoval, has a brand-spankin’-new girlfriend!

The 40-year-old heartthrob from Vanderpump Rules, notorious for his romantic escapades, has landed himself a catch. Enter Victoria Lee Robinson, a model so stunning she could stop traffic in L.A. (or at least cause a minor fender-bender).

According to the gossip gurus over at TMZ, Tom and Victoria have been painting the town red together for about a month now. Sources say they’re “enjoying their time together” and are “seeing where things take them.” Translation: it’s all fun and games for now, but who knows? Cupid’s arrow might just hit its mark!

And if you’re wondering just how serious this newfound romance is, let’s just say it’s about as serious as a squirrel on a skateboard. But hey, every great love story has to start somewhere, right?

Tom couldn’t resist showing off his new flame on social media, treating his Instagram followers to a sneak peek of their cozy date nights at his swanky cocktail lounge and restaurant. Talk about blending business with pleasure!

Not only is Victoria turning heads as Tom’s arm candy, but she’s also got a claim to fame of her own. This bombshell beauty is signed to the prestigious Ford Modeling Agency, and rumor has it she once rubbed elbows with none other than Leonardo DiCaprio himself. Ah, young love in the city of angels!

Tom Sandoval and Victoria Lee Robinson: the hottest new couple to hit Tinseltown since… well, since Tom’s last romantic rendezvous. Stay tuned for more scandal, more drama, and more love triangles than you can shake a cocktail shaker at!

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Tom Sandoval is Dating a Model Once Linked to Leonardo DiCaprio


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