Congress Votes to Expel George Santos Following Controversy

George Santos, the 35-year-old Republican sensation in the United States House of Representatives, had his political journey cut short faster than a hot knife through campaign funds.

In a shocking turn of events, the man who once took the oath of office in January 2023 found himself on the fast track out of Congress on a Friday (December 1). It wasn’t a bipartisan dance party that brought him down, but rather a vote that united Democrats and his fellow Republicans in an unexpected tango of eviction.

The eviction notice came in the form of a report from the House Ethics Committee, and let’s just say, it painted George’s campaign expenditures in a light more dramatic than a Broadway show.

According to the New York Times, the report spilled the tea on George’s creative use of funds, ranging from high-end fashion escapades to beautifying himself with cosmetic procedures. And oh, did we mention OnlyFans subscriptions? Because apparently, George thought campaign money was the perfect ticket to his personal VIP lounge.

The report declared, “Representative Santos sought to fraudulently exploit every aspect of his House candidacy for his own personal financial profit.” Talk about turning politics into a one-man Broadway musical – “Scandals on the Hill.”

Two weeks post the report’s grand reveal, the big vote to boot George out of the political party (literally) took center stage. With 105 Republicans and a whopping 206 Democrats saying “enough is enough,” George was escorted out, leaving behind a trail of political glitter.

In a twist that would make a reality TV show proud, he became the first House member to face eviction since 2002, joining the exclusive club of those who got the “you’re fired” treatment a grand total of six times.

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As for George’s vacant seat, a special election is now on the horizon – a political page-turner we can’t wait to binge-watch. Stay tuned for more updates, because in the world of politics, the show must go on!



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