‘House Of The Dragon’ Gets Renewed For Season 3 On HBO Max

“House of the Dragon” has been renewed for a third season before season two even takes flight! That’s right, HBO Max must be feeling as confident as a Lannister in a gold vault.

Season two, soaring into your living rooms this Sunday (June 16), boasts a star-studded lineup. We’ve got Matt “I-was-Doctor-Who” Smith, Emma “I-can-pull-off-any-haircut” D’Arcy, Olivia “I’m-not-a-pickle” Cooke, and Rhys “Pronounce-my-last-name-right-I-dare-you” Ifans. But wait, there’s more! Steve “Not-related-to-the-Bounty-Hunter” Toussaint, Eve “I-swear-I’m-not-a-Witch” Best, and Fabien “Yes-that’s-my-real-name” Frankel are also along for the ride. And let’s not forget Matthew “Definitely-not-Needham-any-more-work” Needham, Sonoya “Dance-like-everybody’s-watching” Mizuno, Tom “Not-the-football-guy” Glynn-Carney, Ewan “Guess-my-nationality” Mitchell, Harry “Not-a-boy-wizard” Collett, Bethany “Not-a-spice” Antonia, Phoebe “Friends?” Campbell, Phia “Not-the-band” Saban, and Jefferson “Guess-my-floor” Hall.

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But wait! There’s a plot twist bigger than a Red Wedding – some characters are not coming back for season two. Who are they? Well, you’ll just have to tune in to find out. (Hint: It’s not the dragons.)

Based on George R.R. Martin’s “Fire & Blood” – because apparently, “Ice & Fire” wasn’t flammable enough – this series takes us 200 years before the epic Game of Thrones saga. Picture it: less technology, more dragons, and just as much backstabbing. Two trailers have been released, each flaunting a different side of the upcoming war. It’s like “West Side Story” but with more fire-breathing and fewer dance numbers.

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So, mark your calendars and stock up on popcorn, because “House of the Dragon” is about to make your Sundays a whole lot hotter!

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