Brad Pitt Scores a Legal Win Against Angelina Jolie Over Their French Winery

In the never-ending saga of Hollywood’s most glamorous vineyard feud, Brad Pitt has just notched a victory against his ex, Angelina Jolie, regarding their Miraval winery. Grab your popcorn, because this drama is juicier than a freshly squeezed grape!

Angelina, the 48-year-old actress and occasional purveyor of wine, was just ordered by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge to hand over several years’ worth of NDAs she’s signed. That’s right, according to Page Six, the courtroom has turned into a veritable grape-stomping fest, and Angelina is on the losing end this round.

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The judge’s decree reads like a wine snob’s shopping list: Angelina must “produce” within the next month “all non-privileged documents in her possession, custody, or control that are responsive to” Brad’s requests. In other words, if it’s not a secret, it’s gotta be shared. It’s like a legal version of truth or dare, but with way more paperwork and fewer party games.

Angelina didn’t take this lying down, though. Back in April, she tried to have this whole request tossed out the window, calling it “expensive,” “wasteful,” “unreasonable,” and even “abusive.” Sounds like someone really needs a glass of their own wine!

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But the judge wasn’t having any of it. Not only does Angelina have to turn over the documents, but she also has to whip up a list of anything she thinks should stay under wraps. This way, Brad’s team can give it the old once-over and decide if her secrecy is warranted or if she’s just corking up the truth.

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For those not in the loop, Brad and Angelina have been duking it out over their chic French winery for what feels like ages. The main grape of contention? Angelina’s attempts to sell her share of the company. Clearly, this is a breakup of epic proportions—think less amicable conscious uncoupling, more vintage vino warfare.

Stay tuned for the next episode of “As the Wine Ferments.” Same wine time, same wine channel. 🍇🍷

Brad Pitt Scores a Legal Win Against Angelina Jolie Over Their French Winery

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