DDG Opens Up About New Daughter With Halle Bailey

Breaking News: DDG and Halle Bailey spill the beans on their undercover mission into parenthood, and the result is nothing short of a cosmic adventure! The 26-year-old rapper and the 23-year-old Little Mermaid extraordinaire recently unveiled their covert project – a tiny human they’ve named Halo.

DDG, being the social media virtuoso he is, decided to spill the parenting tea on the internet. In a Snapchat interaction that could rival the best comedy specials, he was questioned about the possibility of Baby No. 2. With the confidence of a seasoned stand-up comedian, he replied, “No, I believe you gotta wait six weeks for that. That’s what I was told.” Well, we now have a new addition to the post-baby waiting game – six weeks, the ultimate cooldown period for new parents.

He went on, “I don’t want to split attention too quick. Like, I wanna at least just wait a little bit — let him get the full-blown attention right now. Our whole world is him right now, so I don’t wanna take that away from him.” Move over, royal family dramas, this is the real monarchy of parental priorities!

When pressed for a timeline on expanding their mini-kingdom, DDG dropped a hint that could rival a treasure map’s complexity: “I want him to experience that for a few years.” So, Baby No. 2 might be in the works, but let’s give little Halo the spotlight for now – he’s the lead actor in this comedy-drama!

But the saga doesn’t end there. DDG, ever the showman, took to YouTube to share his thoughts. “Me and Halle had a baby together. I wouldn’t choose no other person in the world to have a child with. We’re learning. She’s a great mom. Like it’s crazy. She’s amazing,” he declared, giving Halle the title of “professional mom.” Move over CEOs and doctors – professional moms are the new superheroes in town!

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In the epic tale of DDG and Halle’s journey into parenthood, it seems like laughter is the best medicine. From secret missions to timed cooldowns, this power couple is mastering the art of parenting with the finesse of comedic legends. Stay tuned for more episodes of “Halo and Hilarity” – coming soon to a social media platform near you!



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