Shailene Woodley is Sending a Message to Her Ex-Boyfriends

Shailene Woodley is shouting from the hilltops, and this time it’s not about hugging trees or collecting rainwater—she’s calling out her exes with a side of humor!

At the ripe age of 32, the actress has amassed a collection of ex-boyfriends that could rival a trading card deck featuring NFL player Aaron Rodgers, rugby extraordinaire Ben Volavola, and the melodious Nahko Bear.

In an exclusive tête-à-tête with the fine folks at British Vogue, Shailene decided it was time to send a special message to her former flames.

Guess what she received as her inaugural Christmas present? A coupon book, courtesy of a friend. Yep, you read that right—vouchers that you can slip under someone’s door when you’re feeling particularly cheeky. Shailene spilled the beans, “I got my first Christmas present, already. It’s a coupon book from a friend of mine. I guess they’re vouchers that you can leave for people when you want something.” Drumroll, please! Her absolute favorite among the coupon bonanza? “One closing the argument and never being reminded of the argument again.”

But hold on to your hats! Shailene decided to turn the camera into her own personal confessional booth and declared with a twinkle in her eye, “To all of my exes.” Cue the confetti and a sassy hair flip!

For someone who usually keeps her love life shrouded in mystery, Shailene couldn’t resist the opportunity to sprinkle a dash of hilarity on her romantic history. Remember when she was engaged to Aaron Rodgers in 2021? Oh, how time flies when you’re dodging arguments with coupon-book finesse! They split in early 2022, leaving us to wonder if they ever exchanged coupon vouchers in the heat of a lovers’ quarrel. Ah, the mysteries of Hollywood love!

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