Charli XCX Says Her Song ‘Talk Talk’ Is About Following Her Fiancé George Daniel To The Bathroom

Charli XCX’s love life has taken center stage in her new music, and it’s got more plot twists than a soap opera on fast-forward.

Our favorite pop dynamo, Charli XCX, who just hit the big 3-1, dropped her sixth studio album, “Brat,” on June 7. And boy, is it brimming with juicy stories, including one particular saga involving her fiancé, George Daniel from The 1975, at the 2020 NME Awards. Imagine Romeo and Juliet, but with more texting and less tragedy.

So picture this: Charli and George, not officially an item yet, are giving each other the googly eyes from across the room. In a TikTok video that’s more revealing than a magician’s tell-all book, Charli spilled the beans about their secret flirtation at the awards ceremony. “We were texting each other like teenagers at a boring family dinner, but we were at different tables,” she reminisced. “It was like a game of peekaboo, but with more sexual tension and less giggling toddlers.”

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You know that feeling when someone’s staring at you so hard it feels like they’re trying to set your hair on fire with their eyes? That’s what was going down between these two lovebirds. “It was like he had a laser pointer and I was the cat. He’d look, I’d look away. I’d look, he’d look away. It was very fifth-grade crush,” Charli revealed.

In “Talk Talk,” Charli sings about their then-top-secret romance with lines like, “I’ve been lookin’ at you / Puttin’ holes in your head.” If that doesn’t scream “high school diary entry,” what does? She even croons about following him to the bathroom, which is a move straight out of the “How to Stalk Your Crush 101” handbook. “I did actually do that,” Charli giggled in her TikTok, recalling the stealth mission that ended in retreat. “I got halfway there and thought, ‘Wait, I’m not a ninja, this is nuts,’ and scurried back to my seat.”

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Fast forward to November 2023, and PEOPLE magazine confirmed these two crazy kids are engaged. Charli casually showed off a diamond ring in a selfie on her private Instagram, like, “Oh this? Just a little something I picked up.” Later, she went full PDA with a public post captioned, “charli xcx and george daniel f—ing for life!!!” because subtlety is for suckers.

In a December chit-chat on the Spout Podcast, Charli talked about the whole new dynamic of working on her album with her now-fiancé. “It’s funny, I’ve never been in a relationship with someone I’ve worked with,” she shared, sounding like she’s describing the perils of dating a coworker at the office Christmas party. “But it’s cool,” she added, probably with a shrug.

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Speaking to Rolling Stone UK, Charli dished on how the studio sessions with George are a mix of romance and rivalry. “We want to impress each other, like we’re auditioning for America’s Got Talent,” she joked. But apparently, she’s no pushover when it comes to laying down tracks. “I’m such a bitch in the studio with George,” Charli admitted, probably making Simon Cowell proud. “But we flow really well, and he’s great at giving space for everyone to do their thing.”

Charli XCX’s love life is like her music: full of unexpected beats, heartfelt lyrics, and just a pinch of crazy.

@charlixcx Talk talk. #OffTheRecord ♬ Talk talk – Charli xcx

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