Prince Harry Related to Matthew Perry’s ‘Friends’ Character Chandler Bing

Prince Harry, in his tell-all memoir “Spare,” revealed that he binge-watched all 10 seasons of the show ‘Friends’. Yes, you heard that right – even royals can’t resist the allure of Central Perk!

As he penned his hilarious thoughts on paper, the Duke of Sussex confessed that he felt an inexplicable kinship with Matthew Perry’s Chandler. You know, the guy with the deadpan humor that could rival the driest British wit. Harry realized he shared a wavelength with Chandler’s comedic vibes, which made him snort with laughter (in a very dignified royal manner, of course).

Our Spare author couldn’t help but spill the beans about his secret celebrity crush: none other than Monica Geller, played by the lovely Courteney Cox. Harry confessed, “I found the idea of crashing at Monica’s highly appealing and amusing.” Oh, Harry, you cheeky charmer! We’ve all been there, secretly crushing on a TV character.

Now, picture this: Harry, the prince, pondering the peculiar dynamics of his fictional self and Monica. In his own words, “I was still confused because… she was Monica. And I was a Chandler.” Ah, the age-old saga of princes and commoners, right? The world’s most endearing “will they, won’t they” moment.

With enough humor to rival a stand-up comedy special, the royal couldn’t help but dream big. He mused, “I wondered if I’d ever work up the courage to tell her. Was there enough tequila in California to get me that brave?” Oh, Harry, if only tequila could solve all our romantic dilemmas.

Now, for those unversed in the latest news, we have a twist in the tale. Matthew Perry, the real Chandler Bing, sadly left us this week, meeting an untimely end in a jacuzzi accident at his Los Angeles home. There’s no foul play suspected, just a tragic case of the laughs falling silent.

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As for what really happened to our beloved Chandler, well, it’s been concluded that he suffered from a shocking cardiac arrest. Who would’ve thought that even the king of sarcastic one-liners couldn’t escape life’s unexpected plot twists? Farewell, Chandler, you’ll forever be the prince of comedy in our hearts.

Prince Harry Related to Matthew Perry’s ‘Friends’ Character Chandler Bing


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