Drew Barrymore Reveals The Important Piece of Advice George Clooney Gave Her About Eye Contact

Drew Barrymore just spilled the beans on her wild ride working with none other than George “Smooth Operator” Clooney!

In the latest episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, our beloved 48-year-old host got chatty with Callum Turner, who had a brush with stardom in George’s directorial venture, The Boys in the Boat.

Picture this: Drew, the dazzling dynamo of Charlie’s Angels fame, took a trip down memory lane to her stint on the 2002 flick, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, alongside the suave Clooney.

“Ah, George Clooney,” Drew exclaimed, setting the scene for some juicy insider scoop. “Working with him was like getting a crash course in Hollywood survival tactics. The man saved me from a fate worse than bad acting!”

Recalling one of George’s sage pieces of advice, Drew mimicked his voice, “‘You never maintain eye contact in a scene,’ he’d tell me. And I’m like, ‘Hold up, George, we’re talking about peering into someone’s soul here! Should we whip out the lip-lock while we’re at it?’ I mean, eye contact is practically a staring contest for the emotionally fearless!”

Drew revealed how she’s clung to George’s nugget of wisdom like a life raft ever since. “Eye contact, people! It’s the holy grail of human interaction,” she proclaimed, her eyes widening with newfound epiphany. “I used to dodge it like it was a plague, but George, dear George, showed me the light! From now on, I’m staring straight into the abyss of your soul. Blame it on George!”

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