Barry Keoghan Had to Take Off His Shirt on ‘Hot Ones’

Barry Keoghan is on fire! No, really, he’s sizzling like a jalapeño on Hot Ones, diving headfirst into the fiery inferno of the wings of death challenge, all while shooting the breeze with Sean Evans about his wild ride through Hollywood.

In a moment that surely set a few screens ablaze, Barry got so heated up that he had to strip off his shirt, making viewers wonder if it was the spice or just his undeniable charisma that was raising the temperature.

Between bites of fire and sweat-inducing questions, Barry spilled the beans on his cinematic escapades, from haunting the eerie landscapes of Saltburn to chilling audiences in “The Killing of a Sacred Deer,” and now, gearing up for some serious aerial maneuvers in the much-anticipated WW2 epic, “Masters of the Air,” alongside the dashing Austin Butler.

Reflecting on his time on the set of Christopher Nolan’s epic war saga, “Dunkirk,” Barry likened it to a full-blown air show, with planes buzzing around like angry hornets. And let’s not forget that awkward moment when Barry, eager for action, almost found himself in a dogfight with a plane because he didn’t realize they were rolling. Oops!

Recalling his daring antics in Saltburn, Barry quipped about the time he got a little too cozy with a grave, raising eyebrows and probably a few spirits along the way. But hey, when you’re in the zone, you’re in the zone, even if it means getting down and dirty in a cemetery.

And who could forget the infamous spaghetti scene with Nicole Kidman in “The Killing of a Sacred Deer”? Picture this: Barry, sitting there in his skivvies, chomping on cold pasta like it’s his last meal, all the while plotting how to spook the legendary actress. His solution? A little pasta play that left Nicole with a look that screamed, “What on earth did I sign up for?”

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But amidst all the cinematic madness, Barry still pays homage to the classics, tipping his hat to the ultimate boxing flick, “Raging Bull.” Because when it comes to knockout performances, Barry knows that sometimes, you just have to channel your inner De Niro and throw a punch that lands straight in the heart of the audience.

So, as Barry continues to blaze a trail through Tinseltown, one spicy wing at a time, we can only sit back, grab some popcorn (and maybe a fire extinguisher), and watch in awe as this rising star sets the screen on fire, quite literally.


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