Ben Affleck Stars in Dunkin’ Donuts Teaser Ad With Jack Harlow

Get ready to roll on the floor laughing because Jack Harlow and Ben Affleck are stirring up some serious Dunkin’ drama!

In a fresh teaser dropped by the donut gods themselves on Thursday (February 8), just before the epic showdown of the 2024 Super Bowl on Sunday (December 11), we’re treated to the comedic continuation of Ben’s journey to superstardom, courtesy of Dunkin’.

In this hilariously cinematic snippet, Ben, on his quest to become a musical legend, finds himself confiding in none other than Jack Harlow. Picture this: two dudes, one beige car, and a whole lot of heart-to-heart action.

Now, Ben’s all like, “Listen up! I’ve got this gut feeling screaming, ‘Abort mission! Terrible idea!'” And then there’s Jack, cool as a cucumber, chiming in with, “Hey, maybe that’s just the universe’s way of giving you a reality check, dude.”

But Ben, oh Ben, he’s not having any of it. “Nuh-uh! That’s not the voice I want in my head, thank you very much!” he protests, as Jack suggests it might just be his inner Jiminy Cricket trying to steer him towards sanity.

To which Ben responds, “Nope, sorry, not hearing it! My inner voice sounds more like a kazoo than a wise sage, trust me!”

Let’s not forget Ben’s previous escapade in Dunkin’s 2023 Super Bowl extravaganza, where he took over a drive-through like a boss at a Boston joint, only to be surprised by a cameo from none other than his better half, Jennifer Lopez.

Who knows what caffeinated capers await these two in the next installment of Dunkin’s wild ride? One thing’s for sure: it’s going to be a donut-filled delight!

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