Ariana Grande Reveals When She’ll Be Releasing New Music

Hold onto your wigs and microwaves, because Ariana Grande is about to drop a musical bomb that will make your grandma’s dentures shake! The songbird, who’s been playing hide-and-seek with the music scene, just gave us the most explicit confirmation that she’s cooking up something hotter than a jalapeño in the studio.

Breaking the internet faster than a cat video, Grande unleashed a carousel of pics and clips that’ll have you saying, “Move over, Netflix, there’s a new show in town!” It’s been a hot minute since she graced us with an album (we’re still grooving to ‘Positions’ like it’s a timeless bop), but fear not, fellow humans, because our queen is making a grand return.

In her social media spectacle, Ari dropped the bombshell with a caption that’s shorter than your attention span: “see you next year ♡.” Translation: Get ready to cancel all your plans in 2023 because Ariana’s taking over and she’s not asking for permission.

So, buckle up, babes! The Grande takeover is imminent, and you better believe it’s gonna be more fabulous than a glitter tornado. Get those ears prepped, your dance moves rehearsed, and your meme game on point because Ariana Grande is about to make 2023 the year of musical enlightenment. Let the countdown to a Grande-er future begin! 🚀🎤

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