Ariana DeBose Didn’t Find Joke Made About Her at The 2024 Critics Choice Awards Funny

Oh, buckle up for the rollercoaster of cringe that unfolded at the Critics Choice Awards! You know it’s going to be a wild ride when the universe decides to serve up a dish of flat-falling jokes, and boy, did it deliver.

Remember the Golden Globes Jo Koy disaster? Well, hold my popcorn because Ariana DeBose just became the latest victim of the award show joke curse. At the 2024 Critics Choice Awards, Last of Us actress Bella Ramsey decided to play comedian while presenting the best song category. She rattled off a list of “famous voices,” featuring Billie Eilish and Lenny Kravitz, and then dropped the comedic bomb, saying, “And there are the actors who also think that they’re singers: Jack Black, Ariana DeBose, Ryan Gosling.”

Cue the awkward silence as the camera mercilessly zoomed in on DeBose in the audience, who wore the expression of someone who just found out they’re allergic to laughter. The tension hung in the air like a bad punchline, so the producers quickly cut to a chuckling Ryan Gosling, desperately trying to salvage the comedic ship.

But hold on! Ariana DeBose wasn’t having any of it. She may be a Broadway star, but she’s not here for second-rate jokes. Taking to her Instagram Stories after the awards, she made it abundantly clear that she didn’t find the joke amusing. No laughter emojis, no polite chuckles – just a straightforward “No, I didn’t find it funny.”

Cue the DeBose fandom, rallying behind their queen like the devoted subjects they are. They unleashed a torrent of virtual pitchforks, calling out the show’s writers for disrespecting their Broadway royalty. One passionate fan even exclaimed, “The disrespect to Academy Award winner, Tony nominee, Broadway star, Ariana DeBose is WILD. The look on her face really said it all.” Another demanded justice with a resounding, “Put some respect on Ariana DeBose’s name!”

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Another award show, another cringe-worthy moment, and Ariana DeBose emerging as the unsung hero of the eye-roll. Who knew award ceremonies could be this entertaining? Someone get these writers a comedy workshop, stat!

Ariana DeBose Didn’t Find Joke Made About Her at The 2024 Critics Choice Awards Funny


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