Renee Rapp Calls Her ‘Mean Girls’ Character Regina a “Lesbian”

Get ready to have your mind blown, because Renee Rapp is about to spill the sassiest tea on Regina George’s love life in Mean Girls, the musical edition.

This 24-year-old dynamo, who’s rocking the role of the ultimate mean girl and head honcho of The Plastics, Regina George, is serving up piping hot takes on her character’s sexuality. Hold onto your wigs, because according to Renee, Regina is “absolutely, absolutely gay.” Yep, you heard it right – Regina’s got some fabulous rainbow vibes going on.

In an interview that’s practically a stand-up routine, Renee spilled the beans and declared, “That woman is a lesbian. Let’s be so clear.” Clear as crystal, Renee! She even let us in on her dream ship for Regina.

“Move over, Aaron Samuels, Regina’s got her eyes on someone else,” Renee teased. And who’s the lucky soul? Drumroll, please – it’s none other than Janis (played by the fabulous Auli’i Cravalho). Can you imagine the drama? The glamour? The glitter?

In her pursuit of injecting maximum fabulousness into every scene, Renee, who proudly identifies as bisexual, spilled the beans on her mission: “I tried to make every single potential moment in this film that could be done…gay, a little. Everything. Every moment.” Talk about a one-woman LGBTQ+ parade – she’s practically “pushing [the gay agenda] everywhere.” Bow down to the queen of rainbow chaos!

Now, you might argue that Regina goes on dates with Aaron Samuels in the movie. But hold up – according to Renee, that doesn’t mean a thing. “She doesn’t even like this man. She’s throwing him around like a little meat sack,” the actress quipped. Ouch, poor Aaron. Someone fetch him an ice pack.

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Forget the Aaron drama, because Renee is all in for Regina and Janis. She’s not just shipping them; she’s practically the captain of the S.S. Regis & Janis. We can totally see it – the iconic duo, ruling the high school with a fabulous flair that’s brighter than Regina’s Burn Book.

Regina George, the unexpected LGBTQ+ icon, and Renee Rapp, the mastermind behind the gayification of every scene. Bravo, Renee, bravo!


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