Travis Kelce’s Managers Speak On Rumors That Taylor Swift Relationship is a “Publicity Stunt”

Travis Kelce’s business wizards, André and Aaron Eanes, are breaking the silence in a rollicking interview, swearing up and down that his romance with Taylor Swift is the genuine, no-nonsense, bonafide real deal.

In this uproarious tête-à-tête, Aaron spilled the beans to the New York Times, saying, “Folks keep telling me, ‘Dude, this year has been wild.’ And when I deadpan, ‘Not really, it’s been a walk in the park,’ people give me that bewildered side-eye. Well, that’s because having a plan makes everything seem like a cakewalk. We’re just executing the master plan.”

The dynamic duo concocted a “manicured business plan” to catapult Travis into the stratosphere of superstardom. Picture this: four football agents, a personal chef, a trainer, a Los Angeles-based publicist, and a partridge in a pear tree – just kidding, but you get the idea.

In the past 12 months, his podcast, New Heights, has soared to celestial heights, he snagged a Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs, ticked off hosting Saturday Night Live from his bucket list, and snagged endorsement deals with State Farm, Pfizer, and more – the list goes on longer than his touchdown runs. And let’s not forget the pièce de résistance – he’s officially on first-name terms with Taylor Swift.

The brothers spilled the beans that the love story with Taylor unfolded naturally, despite the skeptical side-eyes from the haters, Chads, and Brads!

Andre chimed in with a chuckle, saying, “We set up Travis to be as famous as a cat meme. We didn’t have a crystal ball to predict how it’d unfold, but it was always the sneaky plan lingering in the background of our genius minds.”

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Travis Kelce’s Managers Speak On Rumors That Taylor Swift Relationship is a “Publicity Stunt”


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