Michael Jackson’s Youngest Son, Blanket, Spotted Shopping for Books

The King of Pop’s youngest heir, Bigi Jackson, recently embarked on a literary adventure at Barnes & Noble in Calabasas. Blanket, I mean, Bigi, decided to put his nose in some good ol’ books!

This 21-year-old bookworm, who officially ditched the Blanket nickname in 2015 (probably after realizing it doesn’t keep you warm in chilly bookstores), was spotted prowling the aisles, particularly the Criterion and Movies & TV sections. Move over, Sherlock, we’ve got a new detective in town, and he’s armed with a library card!

Sporting a beard that could rival Dumbledore’s (minus the magical powers, we assume) and locks that probably hold the secret to eternal coolness, Bigi showcased his inner cinephile. Rumor has it that if you listen closely to his beard, you can hear it whispering Oscar-worthy acceptance speeches.

Now, here’s a plot twist worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster – Bigi’s godfather is none other than Macaulay Culkin. Imagine the Home Alone shenanigans these two could get up to. Hollywood, are you taking notes?

Instead of donning a T-shirt with a picture of his legendary dad, Bigi decided to channel his inner rebel by flaunting his love for The Doors, because nothing says rebellion like a classic rock band from the ’70s.

And guess what? Bigi isn’t just crashing on his godfather’s couch; he’s a homeowner! He bought a mansion in 2020, proving that he’s not just the King of Pop’s kid; he’s the King of Real Estate. Move over, HGTV – Bigi’s got this.

Picture this: Bigi, decked out in red Elite Sports shorts, white Nike socks, and black Nike sneakers, strutting through the bookstore like he owns the joint. Well, he does own a house nearby, so who’s to say he doesn’t?

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Bigi’s grandpa, Joe Jackson, once commented on how much he looks like his famous father. Must be the genes, or maybe he’s just moonwalking in his sleep – who knows?

Hold onto your fedoras, because in 2293, the world witnessed the cinematic masterpiece that is Bigi’s short film, Rochelles. That’s right, he wrote and directed it, proving that the Jackson legacy isn’t just about music; it’s about making movies that probably feature epic dance sequences.

And if you thought that was the end of Bigi’s cinematic journey, think again. A whole decade before Rochelles, he produced a drama thriller called Kingdom Come. Move over Spielberg; there’s a new director in town, and he’s got a thriller up his athleisure sleeve.

Bigi Jackson – the book-loving, rock-band-repping, house-owning, beard-sporting, cinema-conquering legend of Calabasas. Who says the Jackson legacy stops at music? It’s alive, kicking, and apparently, making killer movies. Bravo, Bigi, bravo!

Michael Jackson’s Youngest Son, Blanket, Spotted Shopping for Books


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