Kathy Griffin Files for Divorce From Husband Randy Bick

In a plot twist that even Netflix would reject for being too predictable, Kathy Griffin is throwing in the towel on her marriage with Randy Dick just days before reaching the impressive milestone of their fourth anniversary.

The 63-year-old comedian has officially declared her independence by filing for divorce on Thursday (December 28). Move over, New Year’s resolutions—Kathy’s got a new agenda, and it involves starting the single life with a bang.

Legal documents, like the juiciest gossip, have spilled the beans on the why and how of this comedic uncoupling. Kathy is blaming “irreconcilable differences” for the split. It’s like saying she prefers knock-knock jokes while Randy is all about puns—irreconcilable indeed. In true showbiz fashion, she’s also giving a shout-out to their prenuptial agreement, basically asking the court to make sure her Netflix subscription and Randy’s collection of vintage rubber chickens remain untangled.

In a ceremony that probably had more laughs than a comedy club on open mic night, Kathy and Randy exchanged vows on New Year’s Day in 2020. Lily Tomlin played the role of marriage officiant, probably making it the first wedding where the guests laughed more than they cried. The engagement announcement was so spontaneous that they might as well have declared their undying love during a commercial break.

This comedic duo initially joined forces in 2011, but like any good sitcom, they had their share of plot twists. They decided to take a break in 2018, probably to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Then, in a twist that surprised absolutely no one, they reunited and got hitched. Maybe they were just on a mid-season break, or perhaps they realized life is funnier when you have a partner to share the punchlines with.

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As Kathy embarks on this solo comedy tour, we can only hope she finds someone who appreciates her humor and is willing to share the spotlight. In the meantime, let’s raise a glass to irreconcilable differences, prenuptial agreements, and the unpredictable sitcom that is Kathy Griffin’s love life. Stay tuned for more laughs and unexpected plot twists—coming soon to a divorce court near you!


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