Tom Hanks Recalls The “Most Stupid” Moment in His Career

Guess what had Tom Hanks rolling with laughter on The Graham Norton Show? Hold your spacesuits, because it involves the “most stupid” moment in his stellar acting career!

Picture this: It’s 1995, and Tom is in the midst of filming Apollo 13, the space drama directed by Ron Howard. They’re recreating that iconic line – “Houston, we have a problem.” But here’s where the cosmic comedy unfolds.

Tom spills the beans, “Kevin Bacon, Bill Paxton, and I were doing the serious weightless thing, going up and down on grips, trying to look like we’re floating in space.”

Now, here’s the punchline. On this very day, guess who decided to drop by and witness this gravity-defying spectacle? None other than the real-life Lovell himself! Yup, the astronaut they were portraying was there, watching them make a total mess of his dramatic moment.

“I glance down, and there’s Jim Lovell looking up at us,” Tom recalls, shaking his head. “I’ve never felt more stupid in my life,” he adds, admitting that gravity wasn’t the only force working against him that day.

Fast forward to today, and Tom is juggling his intergalactic tales with promoting “The Moonwalkers,” a quirky installation he whipped up with David Hockney. And get this – he not only co-wrote it with Christopher Riley but also narrated the whole cosmic extravaganza. Talk about bouncing back from gravity-induced embarrassment!

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