The Identity of Spiral Alice, Songwriter on ‘You’re Losing Me’ Revealed

The Sherlock Swifties are at it again, putting their detective hats on and grabbing their magnifying glasses!

In the latest episode of Swiftie Sleuths, our beloved Taylor Swift enthusiasts uncovered a musical mystery while jamming to the “From the Vault” gem, “You’re Losing Me.” The track, a collaboration between the 33-year-old songstress and the musical maestro Jack Antonoff, had an unexpected guest star in the credits – enter the enigmatic “Spiral Alice.”

Now, here’s where the plot thickens like Swift’s favorite homemade gravy: while Spiral Alice received a shout-out on the Apple Music credits, the sneaky name decided to play hide-and-seek on Spotify. Talk about a disappearing act!

Swifties being the relentless detectives they are, didn’t let this musical riddle slip through the cracks. The moment Spiral Alice’s existence was questioned, poof! Just like magic, the name vanished from the credits faster than you can say “shake it off.”

But did the Swifties give up? Oh no! They dived into the anagram abyss, decoding like there’s no tomorrow. Their brilliant deduction? “Spiral Alice” is none other than an anagram for “Capillaries.” That’s right, according to the Swiftie codebreakers, Taylor’s heartbeat is the unsung hero behind the song.

Another day, another Swiftie mystery solved with a dash of humor and a sprinkle of anagrams. Who needs Sherlock when you’ve got the Swifties on the case?

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