Ariana Grande Won’t Release Any More Singles Before the Unveiling of ‘Eternal Sunshine’

Guess what? Ariana Grande just dropped some bombshell news about her upcoming tunes, and let me tell you, it’s like a rollercoaster ride through a candy store.

In a message that probably broke the internet (or at least a few hearts), the queen herself took to Instagram on a fine Monday (February 5) to spill the tea on why she’s keeping her bops locked away until March 8th when her seventh studio album, “eternal sunshine,” hits the shelves.

Hold onto your wigs, because Ariana, in all her wisdom and glory, basically said, “Sorry, my sweet darlings, no more sneak peeks for you!” She’s decided to keep her musical goodies under wraps until the big album reveal. Can you feel the suspense in the air? It’s thicker than peanut butter!

And just when you thought she was leaving you high and dry, fear not! Ariana teased that there might be a little surprise or two hidden up her sleeve to keep you from going into withdrawal. Phew, crisis averted!

She’s not just postponing her singles for the fun of it. No, no, she wants you to savor every delicious note of her album like it’s a gourmet meal. It’s like she’s the chef, and “eternal sunshine” is her masterpiece dish, meant to be savored, not just devoured in bite-sized pieces.

And to all her patient fans out there, she sends her love and gratitude. I mean, can you blame her? Crafting the perfect tunes takes time, people!

So buckle up, buttercups, because Ariana’s new era is about to hit us like a glittery avalanche, and we’re all here for the wild ride. Get ready to dance, cry, and maybe even question the meaning of life. It’s gonna be epic!

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Ariana Grande Won’t Release Any More Singles Before the Unveiling of ‘Eternal Sunshine’


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