Ariana Madix Opens Up About Her Living Situation With Tom Sandoval

Guess what’s hotter than a jalapeño in a salsa contest? Ariana Madix spillin’ the spicy deets about her shared love shack with ex Tom Sandoval! Hold onto your glittery dance shoes, ’cause this 38-year-old DWTS sensation spilled the beans on Watch What Happens Live, and we’re here for the tea (or should we say, tequila shots).

Just a month ago, Tom spilled the BravoCon beans that these two weren’t doing the roomie tango anymore. But guess what? The love nest is still co-owned, like a timeshare in relationship purgatory.

Ariana, looking fab as always, spilled the beans about her current living situation during her WWHL moment. While she was busy sashaying on Dancing With the Stars, she turned her crib into an Airbnb hotspot, complete with VIP treatment for her pets. Talk about a party animal!

Ariana’s juggling this house drama like a pro juggler with flaming bowling pins. Apparently, there’s some legal cha-cha happening with the house ownership. She’s practically sending out smoke signals to Joel Weiner, urging him to hit up her lawyer faster than a caffeinated cheetah.

Our girl Ariana dropped the bomb that she’s all about selling that joint, while Tom’s over there trying to turn it into the Sandoval Palace. When someone asked if Tom could just swipe his card and buy out her half, Ariana responded with a shrug that screamed, “I don’t know, let’s flip a coin or something!” We can practically hear the cha-ching sound effect playing in the background.

So, will this house saga end in a sale or a romantic sitcom spin-off? Stay tuned, ’cause this real estate rollercoaster is wilder than a kangaroo on a trampoline!

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